Sunday, July 7

New wardrobe

So for all my readers - I have some amazing news! I finally have a placement and I am moving to London in the next couple weeks! I couldn't be more excited. My placement is at Debenhams head office (which is just behind Oxford street) and I will be assisting the digital and online marketing team with the online blog, the magazine and many other things! I am so excited and cannot wait to start in a few weeks.

I'm currently looking for somewhere to live and choosing new clothes to wear for placement. I love that getting a placement automatically means that I can buy new clothes! (That's how I am justifying it anyway). 

There are a few pieces which I am dying to buy - ready for my move to the capital! 

Missguided, £31.99

Forever 21, £18.75

Topshop, £46

Image 5 of PRINTED TOP from Zara
Zara, £17.99

Missguided, £14.99

Missguided, £8.99